Kreutz Creek Vineyards

The Winery at Kreutz Creek
553 S. Guernsey Road • West Grove, PA 1939
(610) 869-4412

Saturday 11AM to 6PM
Sunday 12PM to 5PM


How It All Began...

Jim Kirkpatrick is the winemaker for Kreutz Creek Vineyards. He started making wine from a kit that his wife, Carole, gave him for his birthday in 1989. (Carole truly believes that’s how the “monster” was created.) Since everyone liked the wines from the kits, Jim and Carole thought they would try their hands at growing grapes. They moved to another home with 3 acres of land in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania where they started a small vineyard. Their home was located 100 yards from Kreutz Creek — hence, the vineyard was named.

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